Hello. I'm Steve Olive and I've been a photographer (amongst other things) for many years. Early in 2018 I started investigating how to shoot, build and deliver 360 photo tours. They interested me from a technical perspective and they also appeared to be a branch of photography that was "niche" enough to avoid having to compete with countless other photographers.

Having invested in the required hardware and software I taught myself the necessary skills, attained Google Accreditation, and as of July 2018 I've built two tours for clients. Both tours were challenging, not in the least because both include a very large number of nodes (points where photographs are taken from), a huge number of hotspots (the points you can click to visit another location), but also because I needed good weather and a very good knowledge of the location.

The two tours are shown below and if you'd like to view them I strongly recommend that you make use of the full-screen option.

If you're interested in a tour of your location then please do get in touch, I'll be very happy to chat things through and provide a quotation.

360 Tour of Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club

360 Tour of Wellington School

Other Tours – The Grange and Sports Centre

Don't be put off by the fact that my two main tours are huge! You might be looking for something on a much smaller scale and that really isn't a problem. Shown below is a mini-tour of The Grange at Wellington School. It contains just ten hotspots covering the two floors and garden area. Again, I strongly recommend using the full screen option.

There's also the mini-tour of the Princess Royal Sports centre. another tour over two floors which I think works really well.

“The Grange” at Wellington School

Sports Centre at Wellington School

Give me a Call

I'm always happy to have a chat, just call me on 07786 066141